What on earth am I doing here?


You might have expected, if you’ve wandered here – surely by mistake, feel free to click on the “go back arrow” and return to a safer world than this blabbering mess – that I started this blog with a plan.
You couldn’t be more wrong, my dear, but thank you for the vote of confidence!

I suppose I should start with general information about myself, my purpose in life, my interests, and all those sensible subjects one is expected to find. Well, let’s try!

1) Me (very narcissistic, but then, the whole idea of a blog is narcissistic)

muffinsI always feel like I’m the worst judge of my own character. Wouldn’t it be great to have a permanently good, whimsical, and slightly self-depreciative classic writer on demand to write those “tell us about you” and “edit your profile” pages?

Jane Austen, perhaps? I always marvel at the way she can paint a character in a few words (come on, look at the first pages of Persuasion, she gives you Sir Elliot in a nutshell, it is pure genius…) Well anyway, she would probably scorn my not-so-well-hidden romantic mind and mock my claims of being “an accomplished lady”.  So maybe Nick Hornby, when I feel self-destructive enough, or even Lewis Caroll, because frankly, I don’t seem to be making any sense anyway.

Well, without all of that – I do realize that starting a blog somehow means you’re going to have to write a bit – let’s “talk about me”!

I’m a part time traveler and a full time doctor-to-be. I think this is as specific as it might get for now. I’ve scribbled over pages and pages of fancy and less fancy notebooks, depending on my budget, all more or less categorized: the one for the travels I do, the one for the books I read, the ones for the recipes I make up with the contents of my empty fridge, the one for the dreams I have, the one for everything that doesn’t fit in the others, the one for when I can’t find the other ones in the chaos that usually is my room, well, lots of scattered words and pages…

And yesterday, stuck in bed in a yet unknown city with a nasty back pain, I thought I might actually put it all in one blog, it would at least save me the trouble of having to get out of bed to get my notebook, which, in my present state of handicap, should be classified as an Olympic discipline. (Slug running, maybe?)

Which leads us to:

2) Why this blog?

I had planned to start a blog by next year, because I’m finishing med school next august and will then go on a trip around the world, trying to combine traveling and volunteering as a doctor in developing countries. Well, that’s the plan anyway, it’s going to change about a billion times, for sure.

So why start in advance? It is not the kind of thing I usually do – in fact, I’ll wait ’till the last millisecond if I can, it’s a mater of principle, I think, a sort of way of defying my Swiss identity by being always late and on the rush – but I thought I might have other stuff to write about, after all, this last year of med school is going to be quite travel-filled as well.

So, ideally, this is going to be a place where I tell stories about my hospital days and the amazing people I get to meet when I try to figure out why they’re in pain, a place to review the books I’ve read and hope that other people might recommend some of their favorites, a place for random thoughts, a place for anything that goes through my mind (don’t worry, there’s not that much going on in there;-) and through the lens of my camera.

Let’s see what shall become of it!


An introduction: On back pains and blog pains

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