Shut down the TV and go play outside, or wait, go play on the internet!

a.k.a Short attempt to show any techno-sceptic that the internet isn’t only filled with hateful youtube comments and cat videos (though, actually, some cat vids are in the list…)

Note: this is largely inspired by Sas Petherick’s List of Awesome, which is, indeed, awesome;-)

Note nr 2: There’s no order whatsoever (surprising, isn’t it?)

1) Sarah Kay’s spoken word poetry:

And specifically her TED talk and “point B” poem:

2) Humans of New York, by Brandon Stanton

For days when you despair about the human race…

3) McSweeney’s Internet tendency, for random craziness, like:

and all the lists

4) The Huff’

5) Yes, it’s TED, but it’s an important one:

6) The guardian book list, for never running out of ideas:

And, who am I kidding, the guardian in itself:

7) Time hunting:

8) Mystery, by the man himself:

9) The Paris Review’s writers interviews, all of them, for example Louise Erdrich:

10) ABOFL: everything, like:

11) Weekly Wipe, and anything by Charlie Brooker

12) Lesson of everything: Bertrand Russel

13) BigThink, for intelligent questions asked to brilliant minds, like Michio Kaku, Ai Weiwei, and of course:

14) Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…

15) miam:-)

16) Bernard Pivot meets actor studio

17) Charlie the unicorn

Cause things were gettin’ a bit serious..

18) Oh, and while we’re there:

19) For golden dawns

20) QI, for all the random facts my brain seems to hang on to

21) Fancy a walk?

22) Pierre Rabhi et l’agriculture (enfin la vie) (in french)

23)for nerdy comics

24) For good music

25) Blog de médecin: (in french)

26) Martine revue et corrigée (french)

27) Free maps made by locals

31) Peter Singer, (because I’m a crazy totalitarian veggie with a secret agenda to convert the rest of the world, hm, wait, no, actually because I want to plan a massive genocide of vegetables)

32) No, I’m kidding, I don’t have any food ethics when it comes to this:

33) Fun, Facts and Fibbs

34) Well, I’m at loss for words in this case:

35) Hiboo d’live, for discovering new artists like:

36) I did say I’d put some cat videos

37) Muurgedichten, Leiden

Because there’s nothing better than wandering around a city looking for poems on street corners

and find this:

Das ist die Sehnsucht: Wohnen im Gewoge
und keine Heimat haben in der Zeit.
Und das sind Wünsche: Leise Dialoge
täglicher Stunden mit der Ewigkeit.

Und das ist Leben. Bis aus einem Gestern
die Einsamste von allen Stunden steigt,
die, anders lächelnd als die andern Schwestern,
dem Ewigen entgegenschweigt.

And E.E.Cummings’: Into the street of the sky night walks scattering poems


39) The thing is, we live in the lie that we’ll cure people, when, statistically, we don’t:

40) some more poetry / slam:

41) When you feel like brain-working out


43) David Mitchell’s Soapbox, for clever ranting at anything (or finding that someone else has the same neurosis and can express them better)

44) The New Yorker cartoons

45) Shelly Kagan on death:


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