Drunkenly betting allowed, Book review: Round Ireland with a fridge, by Tony Hawks


This might look like a random choice for a book to read in the middle of Nepal, since it is about Tony Hawks, forced by a bet made in a pub to go hitchhiking around Ireland with a fridge. But somehow it adds to the general craziness of the endeavour and sometimes sheer lunacy of the people he meets to read it in a completely different setting,in what seems to be worlds apart from Irish rain, Irish pubs and British humour. In any setting, frankly, it is a great book, it is hilarious and sometimes even quite touching, and, under the pretence of considering them like a bunch of lunatics, Hawks actually pays a warm tribute to Ireland and its people. I’m going to bet (though without alcool involved) that it is better than the movie, even if I haven’t seen it, because that’s the way it almost always is (has anybody seen the movie?)

Quote: first sentence: “I’m not, by nature, a betting man.”

“Experience has taught me that someone mentioning how magical their arse was tended not to precede stimulating and considered debate.”

“Sometimes in life you’ve got to dance like nobody’s watching”

Anyone who packs two days before departure should seek counselling. Balanced people are still shoving stuff into their bag as they are leaving the house. That’s normal.”


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