D’Jew know what Jew meen? Tales of jewishness and culture, Book review: The Finkler Question, by Howard Jacobson


Got it in Kathmandu for the bargain price of 250 rps (2.5 USD), but I’m still trying to figure out who is the arsonist that owned it before me

I owe my life, or at least what’s left of my sanity, to second handed bookshops in foreign cities. They are the ones that save me from the dread of not having anything to read anymore, and not having enough money to buy new books. And they are one of the best touristic attraction in any city, because they are a mirror of the country they belong to, and the readers that come to visit them. Those in Kathmandu are no exception, even if they are more a mirror of occidental tourism than Nepalese taste in books -I speak of the ones in the city center that have English books, of course – a point that can be proven simply by saying it is the only place I know in the world where you have a pile of  Hesse’s Siddhartha next to Danielle Steele (those are not bought by the same people, or if they have been, I want to meet this alien).  Continue reading