A forced pause. How to sit still


I did manage one picture before the fall...

I am stuck. Litterally (even though I hate the term). I have been mostly sitting for five days, now, and this is a very rare occurrence, especially in this gap year that was supposed to be a constant movement.
The facts, shortly, are: I had a few days between the end of my contract at the hospital, where I worked to earn money to travel more, and the next travel, to Senegal, where I should have gone to a pediatrics hospital, worked a bit, met with friends and then left for a month of exploring and trekking in Cabo Verde.
As it happens, those few days were the only possibility to go skying with my family, which we did, despite the lack of snow (we are swiss, afterall, such petty considerations as the absence of snow won’t stop us from skying), and after barely a day up there, I had a stupid fall – I know, has anyone ever heard
of an intelligent fall? – and I tore two of the ligaments in my left knee.

It is known – when there is an associated meniscal injury, which I’ve been spared, as a “triade malheureuse”, an unhappy triad (not even kidding). It is one of the most classical injuries you could do on a ski slope, so at least I’m keeping up with tradition.
It means 6 weeks of “walking” with crutches, splint, and the general quasimodo air that sometimes allows you the last available seat in public transport. It might mean a lot more than that, if after those 6 weeks there’s need of an operation.
It mostly means: no Senegal. No Cabo Verde. No trekking –  and indeed no other sport – for the next few months.

And it is really nothing, but a bore and a forced change of plans. I don’t even have the rights to complain, when most of the people I encounter in my professional life have to suffer through so much more. At least, that helps putting things into perspective.

But, as a hyperactive perfectionist who had decided that this gap year should all be about travelling, new sports, new experiences, I’m struggling with this sudden stop. I’ll have to learn again the slowness of public transports. Find things to do while sitting. Try and not see it as a failure – which I’m prone to do, and be patient.
I’m not good at these things, as you might have guessed. But let’s see it as a challenge, and since I’ll be stuck here (that is, physically, in a sofa bed in my old-shared-house’s living room, with my friend the neighbour’s cat for company), I don’t have any excuses not to write anymore.
So let’s write, lets read, let’s do courses online, let’s allow yourself, for once, the luxury of being still. It is, in itself, as new an experience as climbing volcanoes in Cabo Verde, after all.


The neighbour's cat, who probably - given his general attitude and the way he sits on the sofa-thing - considers we are the intruders in his second house,


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