A poem for sunday

Yet another of the Muurgedichten, poems written al around the city of Leiden, in The Netherlands – if one day I have the courage/something very dull to procrastinate with a vengeance I will sort out all the pictures I have of those from my other few hundreds pictures of the time I spent there for one Erasmus semester, and make a whole post about those. Meanwhile, I figured it is always time for a small dose of Rilke.

41 Das ist die Sehnsucht

In Frühe Gedichte

The  only translation I can find is the one on the Muurgedichten site, by Jan and Allan Van Asselt:

That is longing: living in turmoil
and having no home in time
and those are wishes: gentle dialogues
of day's hours with eternity 

And that is life. Until out of a yesterday
the most lonely hour rises
which, smiling differently than the other sisters (hours)
silently encounters eternity

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