Great boat – thank god!

Inspired by Charlie Croker’s “Lost in translation, misadventures in English abroad” that I just recently read and adored, I went through my travel pictures to pick a sample of random, funny signs from all around the world. I don’t think those as mistakes –  in fact, most of them are clearly far better that way!


A very musical boat/beat rule, I mean, please don’t climb out of the beat, that’s at least a pitch-perfect-level offense!


Puducherry Police warning at the beach. When the sea is not safe for bath AND life, really, you shouldn’t push it.


Entrance of a Cinema in Benin, reads: Comfort, refinement and quality with Master Soft, – hard, – emotional, – “big show”, – “all age” films

Chapattis2 141

In a natural preservation area, India: Please throw your glasses before entering, it will surely help you find all those rare birds living in the wild we were advertising for


A boat in Benin has God’s mobile phone number, always convenient


Gym in South India: has real estate facilities, a travel agency, and rents minicabs. What you would expect from any gym, really


In the tradition of naming your small business after God or religion, here comes “Great boat, thank God!” which doesn’t sound like the most confident boat-related-statement, but do come in!


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