Weekend reading


Cherry trees blossoming on the Mauerweg

There are days like yesterday, where things could be worse. I’ll acknowledge this. After working a bit early in the morning (one of the “advantages” my 6 years of medicine studies gives me is a permanent inability to sleep late in the mornings, even when I don’t need to wake up), I left for a ride across town, (did I mention yet I have an old and rusty bicycle, in Berlin,  lent to me by my host, and it is wonderful? well, it is).

I went along the path that follows the Berlin Wall – or what’s left of it, in some places around my neighbourhood it is now a pleasant walk with blossoming  cherry trees, then went to the very bohême/Chic market in Prenzlauerberg (which is as chic/bohême as its market, especially on a Saturday morning), where I thought I had found the vegetarian heaven I had been looking for in the Form of eastern European humus stands, with so many different varieties of humus, tzatzikis and other indescribable spread/paste/garnishy things with honey or mustard and goat cheese, I just had to buy a few. But it also had families, old couples, young hipsters, respectable 30 years old in suits, a lovely mix of humanity smelling flowers and strolling around with lattes and fresh (bio) juices.


Shakespeare and sons

A bit further down, I couldn’t resist but stop for a bagel in what is – at least for now – my favourite place in Berlin (i know it is a bit presumptuous to say that after just one week, but really,  the bar has already been set very high): “Shakespeare and sons” is a mostly English library and bagel&coffee place, set near the Karl Marx Allee,  the “glorious” architectural realization of he GDR dream-street: a wide, impressive boulevard flanked with “DDR-Plattenbauten”, prefabricated massive apartment buildings for the people .

Bagels, books, coffee and a sense of history, can you ask for more? I find I can’t, so I’ll stop here for a moment and return to my book. Have a glorious sunday! 20160427_104818


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