(reclaim) your city – street art in Berlin


“Perestroika” on the East Side Gallery- a glimpse of the Zeitgeist of 1990

Streetart is everywhere, in Berlin, from small grafitis to immense murals, from back alleys and U-bahn cars (very forbidden) to commissioned buildings (allowed and paid for) and the repainted Berlin Wall at the East side gallery, now a tourist attraction, and very much gentrificated. In many ways, it reflects the city itself: ever changing, ever on a dialectics between mainstream and progressive, or subversive culture, as what was born as a critic of the system gets swallowed, or commissioned by it. But, also and quite simply, it is a fascinating conversation with multiple actors on the walls of the city, and there are so many surprises awaiting in courtyards in Kreuzberg or along the railways, bridges and tunnels. Here is a small sample of it.



East side Gallery


“Who wants the world to stay as it is doesn’t want the world to remain at all” – Eastside gallery, which has progressively been transformed into a permanent gallery (the paint is “graffiti-proof, that is, you can take away any graffiti painted over it), making a comment on the permanence of art, and has been tagged over. Panta rhei…


Old wall, new barrier to protect it,forbidden graffitis and commissioned poem, and publicity.Where does art begin?


Kreuzberg, by Alaniz


East side Gallery again: wall + new condo built on the no man’s land


somewhere in Kreuzberg


By Blu


in an Alley (Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain)



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