Ear lard, sunny days and back to blogging: View over the top of my book:


Geneva in one glimpse: lake. (Fancy) buildings – at least the ones you can see from the lake. Mountains. And not much going on (I’m horribly unfair)

After two months of cycling around Berlin and refreshing my German via intensive classes about “how do you say diarrhoea in German?”) – very useful in my line of work, and it also accounted for the magnificent discovery that cerumen, or ear wax as it is known by normal people, is “Ohrenschmalz ” in German which literaly translates into “Ear lard”, which still makes me laugh about a month later. Ear lard, hahaha, but I digress –  So after this Berlin interlude I’m back in Geneva for about a minute – that is, three days but that’s how it feels like –  to unpack, repack and leave again. Frankly, that’s how I love my home-town: as a place you’re either arriving again to (and seeing all your friends and family) or leaving from soon after that, and that’s not even such a big exaggeration: there are so many other places to see.

But I’m being unfair on my small and quiet city (and probably still experiencing Berliner Sehnsucht). Today and yesterday, for example, it was sunny (it has been raining almost continuously for more than a month – as I’ve heard, which allows me to be incredibly smug and say to all the friends I’m meeting for coffee “well, the weather in Berlin was a LOT better than what you had” which is well worth the substantial risk of one of them splashing coffee over me in anger – it’s still coffee!). Everybody says it’s going to be the only 3 days of summer until, well… October maybe, you never know what climate change can accomplish. Again, I don’t care if it rains in Switzerland from Sunday on, I’ll be on my way again, this time on a bicycle ride from Hamburg to Amsterdam (where the smallest raindrop is absolutely forbidden, take note).

So I’m back for the only three days of sun, for once, and even managed to take enough time of from hunting down my cycling gear, tent and Swiss knife (can’t leave/live without, but somehow manage to loose it once a month. I’m logical that way I guess) to pause for a while and read under the sun by the lake. This city does have some perks, after all, especially with a good book


over there, almost lost in the horizon, you can see a tiny white triangle that is in fact Mont-Blanc – which is a lot more “Blanc” than it was last December, thanks to aforementioned shitty weather this spring

So from next week on, probably a lot about cycling through northern Germany and the Netherlands if I manage to find wifi in camping places (you never know how technology-friendly those might be) and a few book reviews as well, if I’m not too exhausted to type. Sorry for the long silent period, it has been a couple of busy weeks as I was in a frenzied (and doomed from the start) attempt to “do as much of Berlin as possible” and see every body I met in this great city once more, plus some dancing in the parks and pretending to be a German football fan for a game or two.


One thought on “Ear lard, sunny days and back to blogging: View over the top of my book:

  1. What a stunning view! I’ve spent a little time in Geneva as my brother lives there. It’s such a beautiful city, and where better to have a relaxing read than at the side of the lake – perfect!

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