Kings of the (rainy) road! 

Still south of France but in the last day it was kind enough to provide a few foggy-cloudy mornings to ease the transition to Scotland

A few days ago I arrived in Saint Jean pied de port, had just a few hours to visit the town (with backpack, after 730 kilometers I don’t really feel the weight of it anymore, just a strange lightness when taking it of) and get the last stamp on my “credential” before meeting my friends and heading to their house, where I spent a (last) night on a real matress. 

The next day, we packed their old car transformed into a minivan with our tents, waterproof jackets and a stack of good coffee and headed north. This is the last month, the last trip before all of us have to get back to work and sedentary life. So to make the most of it we…haven’t planned a thing. We are headed to Scotland, because it was a long time dream of my friend to see the Highlands, and because after 3 and a half weeks in the South of France we might need rain to balance all this sun. What we’ll do when we get there and exactly where we’ll go I haven’t a clue but I know there’ll be more walking (because why not, it’s not like it’s all I’ve been doing for a month, and the calluses I have on my feet and hips (from the backpack, that’s a first!) Might as well be put to continuous use), some driving, a lot of wild camping and probably a bit of whisky tasting. A better ending to this year of half-nomadic life I couldn’t dream of, I even have a few books by Scottish authors in the backpack, so everything is set to go!

P.s. other suggestions in Scottish reads are always (as ever) welcome:)

Faithful backpack has had a few mishaps, allowing me to widen my medical expertise to the non-living (well, non living only if it is still bedbugs free)


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