A (travel-friendly)book haul to fight despair and (on a side note) boredom in airplanes.

In these times of gloom I’ve figured, just as I always do, that books might help. My guilt at the thought of buying more was much helped by the facts that:
 1) I almost had to buy or borrow new ebooks, as I’ll be travelling through Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia for six weeks, and can’t possibly bring the amounts of paper books I’d read in this period of time with me unless I have a book-carrying travelling elephant with me (which I’m still considering, but I don’t know major airlines policy on checked-in pachyderms)
2) It’s ebooks, they don’t take any space
3) I’ll be spending hours in transit in airports, which I abhor (weirdly, for someone who can’t live with a “next travel” project at any time)
I bought or borrowed: (no order whatsoever, for a change)

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