Things I know for certain (to get out of one’s own arse in the case of various emergencies)

In no order whatsoever (but I did put numbers before them, just to add to the general confusion, because I’m truly evil, that’s another certainty)

1) Always try to see the film,  not the photograph. Find what is in movement, there lies hope

2) Always try to see the book, not the movie, but that’s just to be smug about it.

3) Questions are fine. Make them general or precise, try to work on them. Answers need to sustain a constant attack of doubt, and therefore the really true ones are rare, and limited. But you can live, and happily, with the questions.

4) Swiss chocolate is one of those rare answers, everytime.

4a) So is beer

5) Some ducks have the largest Penis relative to their size, and it is corkscrew shaped. (Very useful certitude for the daily life)

6) People who are functioning human beings just after waking up and before their first coffee are not to be trusted under any circumstances (even to make your coffee on said mornings)

7) Grapefruit juice inhibits the CYP3A4 (and if that doesn’t make sense to you, you are by definition saner – and have a better life quality -than if it does)

8) Honesty, honestly. With others if it is possible but mostly with yourself.

4c) So is coffee

9) Some things you’ll learn with a book, some things you’ll learn with a punch in the face. Some you’ll unlearn either way. All of it counts and it is not necessarily superior if it came from academics, nor is it more authentic if you lived it yourself.

42) 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything

10) Don’t be a preacher on subjects you have no grasp of